Mńõs√≠c: December 2020

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How to survive the lockdown tips and the November meeting with Norwegian colleagues

How to survive the lockdown tips and the November meeting with Norwegian colleagues

Based on information from the September meeting with our Norwegian lecturers, we have prepared
and published the How to Survive Lockdown infographic, which provides tips on how to deal with the
limitations and uncertainty that we face in the current situation associated with the COVID-19
In November, through another virtual meeting, we focused on sharing and reconciling home-office
and distance learning, where parents are often exposed to increased stress associated with
reconciling their own work with supporting children in online teaching. We discussed number of
useful tips that can help parents as well as children. It is very important, for example, to have regular
and fixed moments of recharging "emotional batteries" during the day, when we give the child all our
attention and ensure that his emotional needs are met, for example by hugging or brief cuddling.
Thanks to these regular moments, the time when children can work independently is extended and
parents can thus fully concentrate on their own work.

1st PBS Europe International Conference

1st PBS Europe International Conference

We have presented the beginnings of the implementation of the Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) in the Czech Republic at the 1st PBS-Europe International Conference workshop, which took place on 11-13 November. 

The recording and presentation¬†are¬†available at¬†this link¬†under the title “2.1 Implementation of PBIS in Lithuania and the Czech Republic: from theory to practice”.¬†


Contributions from other experts are also available, which will allow you to, among other things: 

  • Obtain information on the possibilities of implementing PBIS across various educational institutions (from kindergartens to universities)¬†
  • Discover¬†research-based strategies supporting¬†behavior¬†
  • Get insight into the latest¬†international¬†PBIS research¬†
  • Find out how to prevent possible barriers in the implementation of PBIS in educational institutions¬†

We¬†would like to¬†thank the Positive Behavior Support Europe Network for the invitation to participate in the conference, and the¬†V√Ĺboru dobr√© vŇĮle ‚Äď Nadace Olgy Havlov√©,¬†Active¬†Citizens¬†Fund¬†ńĆR and¬†Skatusk√Ŭ†institut¬†for support in the implementation of the project Schools¬†Helping¬†Vulnerable Children.¬†