Recording of the 1st online meeting for school counsellors and special educators

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Recording of the 1st online meeting for school counsellors and special educators

These days, each of us needs support. Especially those who¬†are supporting¬†others.¬†We¬†have¬†therefore organized the first online meeting for employees of school counseling centers¬†on Wednesday 18.¬†11. 2020.¬†There was a¬†great¬†demand for the meeting¬†and over 160 school counselors,¬†principals,¬†and teachers from all over the country¬†had attended¬†virtually. We¬†have¬†focused on supporting children with SEN during¬†the¬†pandemic, supporting the mental health of children and teachers, and children’s behavior¬†support¬†in the online environment. The¬†children’s¬†behavior support presentation¬†describes¬†some important principles and procedures of PBIS.¬†

You can find the video here. 

Providing support for children with SEN during distance education (PDF) 

Promoting self-regulation and mental health (PDF) 

Supporting children’s behavior in the online environment (PDF)¬†


The discussion brought many inspiring observations of the participants. We publish some of them: 

Most important is¬†the relationship between teacher and¬†educational¬†assistant¬†(for children with SEN),¬†if¬†it does not work well¬†in regular environment,¬†it¬†is¬†then¬†perhaps even more difficult in distance learning. We use assistants¬†largely, for example for tutoring children. “¬†

“I am very happy that we have¬†assistants¬†– they work individually, pay attention to the pupils¬†needs, they also support those who do not have¬†official¬†recommendations from the counseling center, but they can also support those who need it – but we are still¬†learning¬†and looking for the best ways‚Ķ”¬†

“I involved¬†ed.¬†assistants in the lessons and it’s great. The problem was mostly with the teachers, who¬†didn‚Äôt¬†cooperate. But it is already clearly proven, an assistant¬†can¬†contact the family, come to online¬†classes,¬†and can then work with the student individually. It is not¬†only up to¬†the teacher, who at this time is very busy communicating with parents¬†and¬†students,¬†providing¬†formative assessment¬†etc. “¬†

Relevant questions were raised in person and in the chat, and most of them were answered directly during the meeting and complemented by interesting experiences of the participants from their practice.