Ashoka regards ČOSIV as an example of good practice

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Ashoka regards ČOSIV as an example of good practice

Ashoka acknowledges ČOSIV’s systematic activity in the field of alleviating inequalities in children’s educational opportunities and supporting inclusive education in Czech schools. Ashoka regards ČOSIV as an example of good practice in achieving the necessary systemic changes in education.

Ashoka has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship, identifying and supporting the world’s leading social entrepreneurs since 1980. Ashoka concentrates on innovative solutions that bring social benefits and respond to today’s social and environmental challenges.

The ČOSIV case study shows the work of our organization in the current publication SYSTEMIC AND 08EMPOWERING (SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE TIME OF PHILANTHROCAPITALISM). The publication aim is to inspire, share practical examples and support social innovators across continents. The analysis of the Czech Society for Inclusive Education and its chairwoman Klára Laurenčíková case study, which can be found on pages 36 – 41, depicts the complexity of implementing systemic change and its impact on systemic support provision for children with special educational needs in Czech schools.

“The case of ČOSIV depicts the way in which social entrepreneurs focus on improving existing regulatory and legislative public systems to guarantee access to quality public service for everybody.”

ČOSIV unites non-profit organizations, representatives of the academic community, schools, parents and people with special educational needs in the Czech Republic and supports changes aiming towards higher justice in education. ČOSIV concentrates on the overall support and awareness of inclusive education based on data driven decision making and the provision of resources, capacity building and methodological support for schools so as to create suitable conditions for the provision of quality education to all children, including children with special educational needs and gifted children, who often need increased support in education. ČOSIV strives for equal and equitable access to quality education for all children, pupils and students, regardless of their socio-economic background, living conditions, origin, cultural environment or health status. ČOSIV aspiration is to ensure that every child will experience acceptance and success at school. This would be achieved then by supporting schools in establishing conditions that are promoting the full development of their educational potential. One of the many activities ČOSIV is carrying out to achieve its vision is the transformation of legislative, financial and capacity conditions that will enable implementation of an inclusive environment in all Czech schools.