Interview with Kaja Naes Johannessen

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Interview with Kaja Naes Johannessen

Interview with our colleague from partner organisation Østbytunet on education of children with challenging behaviour was published at on-line magazine Rodice vitani.

“I know  it’s not easy with these kids. But adults are adults and should be better able to control themselves than a child. We should learn ways to treat and helpthese children. Of course, this is not easy, because when a child dissolves in emotions, it evokes strong feelings in us adults as well. Cortisol also floodsus and we feel like runnig away or attacking.”There is no easy way to deal with this, and the following is especially recommended: try to recognize the child’s signs of a affect approaching,
and try to stop it before it starts. The sooner we intervene, the more tools we have at our disposal.When we see that a child is getting restless, he is getting a little angry, so as adults we have a chance to work with him. As soon as he starts and we start withbans and punishments, the whole situation will escalate and we will not have many options. The affective arc is practically impossible to be stopped when it starts”.

The whole interview is available here.