First meeting with lecturers from Østbytunet,

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First meeting with lecturers from Østbytunet,

On June 20th to 21st November 2019, we first met with lecturers from Østbytunet, our partner organization; we met in a group composed of the ČOSIV staff, our partners from the Østbytunet centre, and participants of the educational program – lecturers in training who will, after having taken the training under the umbrella of the project, train pedagogical staff in techniques of supporting children with demanding behavior due to developmental trauma. At the meeting, the lecturers presented to us details of the system of services to help vulnerable children in Norway explained the targets of the educational programme and its main theoretical base. We sat down to plan our visit to the Østbytunet centre and the lecturers delivered their first seminar for the public at the Department of Pedagogy of Charles University. The seminar, lectured by Kaja Næss Johannessen and Ann Karin Bakken, two experienced psychologists, was remarkable and the response of participants was enormous. For a videorecording of this public seminar, please see our Inspiromat Support For Inclusion.

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